The offshore sector business

move 2

1、 Accounting

  1. Design: design of common accounting systems, cost accounting systems, internal control systems and internal auditing systems.
  2. Auditing: periodically auditing and project auditing.
  3. Financial analysis: analysis for specific financial statements and continuous financial statements.
  4. Investigation: investigation for credit and market.
  5. Reforming: reforming for regular accounts and period-end accounts.
  6. Liquidation: common liquidation and special liquidation.

2、Business agency

  1. Establish registration for offshore corporations.
  2. Modify registration for offshore corporations.
  3. Dissolve registration for offshore corporations.


  1. Assurance for establishment of offshore corporations.
  2. Assurance for existence of offshore corporations.
  3. Assurance for financing of offshore corporations.
  4. Assurance for financial statements of offshore corporations.

4、Business consulting

  1. Consulting of valuation for mergers and acquisitions.
  2. Consulting of transnational tax planning.
  3. Consulting of planning and execution for specific items.