Mainland China business

move 2

  1. Accounting
    1. Design: design of common accounting systems, cost accounting systems, internal control systems and internal auditing systems.
    2. Auditing: periodically auditing and project auditing.
    3. Financial analysis: analysis for specific financial statements and continuous financial statements.
    4. Investigation: investigation for credit and market.
    5. Reorganizing: reorganizing for regular accounts and period-end accounts.
    6. Liquidation: common liquidation and special liquidation.
    7. Revaluation: valuation of assets
  2. Business agency
    1. Establish, modify and dissolve registration for domestic and foreign corporations.
    2. Application for tax- exempt for imported equipment.
    3. Application for tax- exempt for advanced technology to pay foreign exchange.
    4. Annual inspection.
    5. Registration for customs.
    6. Registration for foreign exchange.
    7. Capital account opening.
    8. Registration for external debt.
    9. Others
  3. Assurance
    1. Financial auditing for bank loans.
    2. Annual auditing for financial statements.
    3. Auditing for verification of capital.
    4. Auditing for liquidation.
    5. Project auditing for special purpose.
  4. Business consulting
    1. Valuations for consolidation
    2. Accounting counseling
    3. Tax planning.
  5. Tax
    1. Recognition for general taxpayer.
    2. Application for value-added tax invoice.
    3. Tax filing for business income tax.
    4. Tax filing for value-added tax and business tax.
    5. Tax filing for personal income tax.
    6. Administrative Remedies.
  6. Labor insurance
    1. Recognition for labor insurance account opening.
    2. Employment and severance.
    3. Application for employment permit.
    4. Application for Taiwan Compatriot passport’s VISA.
    5. Application for residence permit.