Differences with others

About ASIA

  • We have professional team both have CPA licenses in mainland China and Taiwan, this is different from other firms adopt to provide service by hiring consultants from other co-operation firms.

  • We provide professional service in Shanghai, New Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung to service our customers nearly and avoid increasing the transportation costs.

  • We have qualification for establishment of foreign investment registration and other rights in Shanghai, this qualification for CPA firms in the same industry generally do not have.

  • We adopt joint mode to operate our firm and have the qualification for auditing of financial reports for listed companies in Taiwan.

  • We have qualification for accounting and tax filing in mainland China.

  • We have qualification for Taiwan’ s Companies accounting and auditing services for parent company preparing consolidated reports or express audit opinions.

  • We have qualification for attesting for bank financing, financial reports and income tax filing.

  • We can perform professional services in mainland China and Taiwan at the same time to save huge costs about accounting and auditing.

  • For engaging consulting services, our CPAs can have meetings with the Company’s managers wherever in mainland China and Taiwan to save time costs and increase management performance substantially.

  • We can analysis, consult and plan for finance, accounting and taxation across mainland China and Taiwan, for avoiding punishments by authorities because of unfamiliar local practices. We can also coordinate with companies and authorities, by performing professional services, to assist companies to avoid risks from punishments such as tax levy.