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Dayar CPA Firm was first co-founded in Taiwan by Hsu Tien-Hsiang CPA, Hsu Mei-Fang CPA, and Hsiao Shun-Hua CPA in 1996, with services offered in both Taiwan and China. Since merged with Shanghai Taixin Dayar CPAs Co., Ltd., the Firm has six branch offices in locations as Shanghai City, Taipei City, Sanchong District in New Taipei City, Xinzhuang District in New Taipei City, Taichung City, and Kaohsiung City.           

Practicing CPAs include Niu Fu-Chi CPA, Liu Qing-Xiu CPA, Ku Sheng-Nan CPA, Hsu Hai-Yen CPA, and Shen Shuang-Yan CPA. Our clients can be found in Taiwan, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Yunnan, Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands, Vietnam, and Samoa. Besides, with more than 100 CPAs and professionals, we provide recurring services to over 1,000 clients including listed, OTC, and public companies.  

We also participate in both domestic and international M&A engagements, provide accounting and audit professional opinions, and assist in secure bank financing for clients.

With our branch offices in Shanghai, New Taipei City, Taichung and Kaohsiung, Dayar's CPAs and professionals team can serve our clients by proximity to lower their transportation costs. Operated as a joint CPA firm, we are approved by Financial Supervisory Commission ROC (Taiwan) Securities and Future Bureau and are qualified to certify financial statements of listed and OTC companies. The firm, under the same system cross-strait, provides services to companies operated in Taiwan and China, allowing them to largely reduce accounting and audit expenses. For clients that entrust us to provide consulting services, our professionals can have meetings with corporate executives anywhere on both Taiwan and China, saving the executives' time to integrate and improve the company’s substantive management performance. We can analyze, consult and plan services on cross-strait finance, accounting, and taxation at any time, to avoid penalties and fines from competent authorities due to the clients' lack of understanding of local regulations. With our professional services and communications with competent authorities on behalf of client companies, we help prevent risks of fines or repayment of taxes.