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About ASIA

Dayar CPA firm was co-founded in 1996 by HSU, TIEN-HSIANG CPA, HSU, MEI-FANG CPA, HSIAO, SHUN-HUA CPA, NIU, FU-CHI CPA in Taiwan and perform professional service across mainland China and Taiwan. Since we consolidated Shanghai Taixin Dayar CPAs Co., Ltd., our branch offices including: Shanghai, Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. Our professional team including CPAs listed below: HSU,TIEN-HSIANG, HSU, MEI-FANG, HSIAO, SHUN-HUA, NIU, FU-CHI,  CHUNG,WAN-LING, HE,CHENG-WEI, JIANG,QING-MU,LIU,QING-XIU, KU,SHENG-NAN and HSU,HAI-YEN.

We have served customers in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Changhua, Chiayi, Tainan, Pingtung, Shanghai, Beijing, Taicang, Kunshan, Suzhou, Changshu, Ningbo, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Tianjin, Yunnan, Hongkong, the United States and the United Kingdom. The British Virgin Islands, Vietnam, Samoa, etc. At present, we provide the same audit service and professional management for companies in mainland China as branch offices in Taiwan. We provide continuous professional services to over 1,000 clients now, and we have served many companies listed in TSE, OTC and public companies.

Besides, we have over 100 employees, and provide services such as merger, accounting, financial examine and assist to obtain financing from bank. We have chartered professional accountant’s industry licenses and qualifications are as follows:


  • Qualification for attesting financial reports for listed companies in Taiwan.
  • Qualification for attesting income tax filing in Taiwan.
  • Qualification for being litigation agent in administrative court in Taiwan.
  • Qualification for being patent agent in Taiwan.
  • Qualification for business registration in mainland China.
  • Qualification for accounting and tax filing in mainland China.
  • Qualification for auditing of financial statements and attestation.